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Finalists in the Deseret News-KSL Sterling Scholar Awards program were selected Wednesday in regional competition along the Wasatch Front. Next up - final judging April 3 to determine a winner and two runners-up in each of 12 categories of study.

The five finalists in each category now begin preparations for the final round of judging in Salt Lake City.Wednesday's judging was held at Clearfield, Highland and Orem high schools, with judges comprised of high school teachers from other regions and faculty members from area colleges and universities.

Many judges worked late into the evening to determine finalists after a long day of reviewing portfolios and conducting individual interviews.

Finalists will report to Highland High School April 3 for final judging, with three judges in each category selecting the top three participants.

The finalists will be honored April 10 during an awards ceremony that will be broadcast live at 7 p.m. on KSL-TV, Channel 5. During the program, winners and runners-up will be announced in each category.

The top students will be able to choose a year's scholarship at any of the state's major college or university or Idaho's Ricks College. Many scholarships are renewable each year upon application.

The following are finalists in the 1991 Deseret News-KSL Sterling Scholar Awards program:

North region

English - Brett Benson, Sky View; Edith Hale, Weber; Elizabeth Higgs, Bountiful; Melissa Nelson, Davis; and Jennifer Steele, Clearfield.

Speech/Drama - Matthew Bentley, Logan; Andra Hebdon, Clearfield; Diana Huff, Ben Lomond; Rochelle Rawson, Roy; and Kimberly Woodbury, Woods Cross.

Mathematics - Michael Booth, Bonneville; Alma Broadbent, Ogden; Ryan Morishita, Viewmont; Casey Steven Songer, Weber; and Mark Wheelwright, Sky View.

Social Science - Jennifer Allen, Clearfield; Robert Browning, Roy; Darin Friess, Logan; Cathleen Schroader, Layton; and Andrea Varga, Bear River.

Science - Christopher Cowan, Davis; Cynthia McFadden, Sky View; Stefani Sesler, Box Elder; Nate Wegener, Logan; and Janel Wilsey, Layton.

Foreign Language - Randell Capener, Box Elder; Shinn Chen, Ogden; Jennie Marie Groberg, Bountiful; Lanette Hunsaker, Weber; and F. Cabot Woolley, Bonneville.

Visual Arts - Jared Bastian, Bountiful; Mike Bronson, Ogden; Teresa Carver, Weber; Heidi Gloshen, Viewmont; and Shauna McPherson, Davis.

Industrial Education - Bryce Godfrey, Sky View; Lex Godfrey, Bear River; Kyle Gill Frank, Weber; Jeremy Johnson, Bonneville; and Kathryn Anne Maiello, Roy.

Home Economics - Kristie Cefalo, Box Elder; Leslie Grubbs, Woods Cross; Kristin Reimann, Bountiful; LaDawn Tinney, Mountain Crest; and Katie VanKampen, Ogden.

Business Education - Kathryn Bennett, Layton; Shauna Christensen, Bountiful; Kristina Haltiner, Davis; Ralee Lucherini, Sky View.

Music - Marquessa Bullock, Mountain Crest; Dale Clarke, Layton; Meghan Dover, Viewmont; Kyle Nelson, Bonneville; and Chad Wagstaff, Box Elder.

General Scholarship - Heather Dye, Bonneville; Daniel Flores, Woods Cross; David Larson, Clearfield; Stephanie Morris, Bountiful; and Mary Ann Peterson, Roy.

Central region

English - Melissa Beth Block, Skyline; Meredith Moss, Olympus; Heather Richards, Highland; Janette Smith, Taylorsville; and Jeffery S. Winn, Murray.

Speech/Drama - Tony Davis, Taylorsville; Richard Evans, Highland; Ben Rolly, Skyline; Luci Saltkill, Cyprus; and Jonathan Walker, West.

Mathematics - Ben Barrowes, Cottonwood; Janson Bleazard, Skyline; Royal Hansen, East; Peter Leichliter, Olympus; and Steven Parrish, Highland.

Social Science - Steven Aase, Olympus; Lori Casper, Cottonwood; Laura Hammitt, Brighton; Brigg Noyes, Skyline; and Brady Young, Murray.

Science - Richard Dow, Tooele; Kimberly Davis, Murray; Brooks Brady, East; Sohail Tavazoie, Brighton; and Aya Kamaya, Skyline.

Foreign Language - Alyssa Bentley, Murray; Aaron Ogden, Granger; Stephanie Poulsen, Skyline; Julia Sorenson, Brighton; and Heather Van Kampen, Cottonwood.

Visual Arts - F. Scott Alger, Highland; Adam Chase Ingleby, Brighton; Shauna Lorenzo-Rivero, Olympus; Joe Mellon, Cyprus; and Julia Tibbits, Granite.

Industrial Education - Tom Akagi, Taylorsville; Mathew Sutherland, Cottonwood; Anthony Hadden, Skyline; Camille Harvey, Kearns; and Christian Davies, Highland.

Home Economics - Natalie Anne Brown, East; Sarah Gaines, Olympus; Kari Higgins, Taylorsville; Korin Kay Parry, Kearns; and Amy Rohlfing, Highland.

Business Education - Tyler Christenson, Highland; Trevor Rulon Holyoak, Kearns; Mitzi C. Jones, Olympus; Yuri Lily Takenaka, Cottonwood; and Justin Yancey, Taylorsville.

Music - Jared Bickham, Taylorsville; Rebecca Cline, Olympus; Heather Price, Murray; Sylvia Ramachandran, Cottonwood; and Mark Wride, Skyline.

General Scholarship - Beverly Chang, East; Lisa M. Evans, Murray; Lisa Grow, Brighton; Matthew Peck, Granite; and Joel Pulliam, West.

South region

English - Michael Chipman, Bingham; Elizabeth Hacken, Orem; Jane Johnson, Hillcrest; Melissa Myers, Timpview; and Jennifer Rees, Alta.

Speech/Drama - Christine Call, Timpview; Kristen Dorsey, Bingham; Rian Hunt, Alta; Amy Seal, Hillcrest; and Robbyn Rae Thompson, Provo.

Mathematics - Scott Blake, Jordan; Jared Crapo, American Fork; Douglas Finch, Payson; Julie Glenn, Provo; and Nichole Lynae Warr, Hillcrest.

Social Science - Andrew Alan Croshaw, Springville; Robert H. Hughes, Provo; Rebecca Iverson, Lehi; Dawn Camille Murray, Mountain View; and Stephanie Thompson, Alta.

Science - Irene Chen, Bingham; Christopher Galloway, American Fork; Matthew Wayne Hall, Springville; Charolette Iverson, Pleasant Grove; and Janelle Moore, Timpview.

Foreign Language - Nicole Bohn, Orem; Nathan Cottle, Hillcrest; Francie Crebs, American Fork; Katrina Davies, Pleasant Grove; and Velvet Rodriquez, Provo.

Visual Arts - Robert Buys, Jordan; Jerry Cross, Orem; Ryan Olson, Timpview; Alina Nackos, Springville; and Jennifer Richins, Alta.

Industrial Education - Robert B. Brown, American Fork; Tamie Butterfield, West Jordan; Enoch Golding, Timpview; Victor Salyano, Provo; Jennifer Wood, Jordan.

Home Economics - Jennifer Bangerter, American Fork; Christine Calder, Provo; Julie Faldmo, Orem; Amelia Rich, Alta; and Sharon Thomson, Hillcrest.

Business Education - Merileee M. Arave, Mountain View; Stephanie Carlton, Alta; Nicole Jensen, Timpview; Tiffany McAdam, Bingham; and Katherine Scheller, Jordan.

Music - Jonathan Ferrell, Alta; Christie Peery, Timpview; Dianna Rhodes, American Fork; Dereck Steadman, West Jordan; and Michelle Watabe, Orem.

General Scholarship - Michael W. Durham, Timpview; Joni Hemond, Orem; Peter M. Midgley, Mountain View; Ju Yun Oh, West Jordan; and Patricia U. Yamamoto, Hillcrest.