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The lawyer for Ivana Trump said Thursday that contrary to the claims of Donald Trump, no settlement had been reached between his client and the real estate mogul.

Attorney Michael Kennedy, who is representing Ivana Trump in the financial settlement of her divorce case, denied Donald Trump's claims that the financial settlement would be completed Thursday."Contrary to the statements of Mr. Trump and his lawyers, the case has not settled and will not settle until Mr. Trump honors his obligations to Mrs. Trump and her children," Kennedy said in a statement issued from his Manhattan office. Kennedy, who did not respond to requests for comment Wednesday when the reports first surfaced, would not elaborate on his statement Thursday.

Speaking from his Manhattan office on Wednesday, Trump said Ivana Trump will get $10 million in a lump sum, with no

monthly payments. She'll get an additional $4 million as a housing allowance when she moves out of an apartment in Trump Tower within the next two years, said Jay Goldberg, Trump's attorney.

"It all works out. It's money that I had in the bank and everybody is very happy with it," Trump said.

The 44-year-old real estate tycoon was granted an amicable divorce from Ivana on Dec. 11, 1990, after 10 months of scandal that involved a close and well-publicized relationship with model Marla Maples.

Ivana Trump had originally asked for half of his estate, which in 1989 - before the troubling publicity - was valued at $1.7 billion. Since then, the Trump empire has been hit with financial problems, and some analysts believe his net worth is actually zero. He has been trying to sell his yacht, real estate and other assets under a bankruptcy plan involving the Taj Mahal Casino in Atlantic City.