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Congress readied Persian Gulf war-financing legislation for President Bush after provisions punishing Jordan and helping dairy farmers were eased in the face of White House veto threats.

House-Senate bargainers labored until nearly midnight Thursday before shaking hands on the pair of bills, which were prompted by the war with Iraq.One provides $42.6 billion for the U.S. costs of waging the conflict. The other furnishes about $5 billion for war aid to Israel and Turkey, tighter security in government buildings and provides for scores of other programs.

Asked if Congress would approve the measures Friday - the day a two-week recess is scheduled to begin - Rep. David Obey, D-Wis., responded "Do people want to go home?"

The legislation would block this year's scheduled $57.2 million in foreign aid planned for Jordan because of King Hussein's support for Iraq during the war. But in a concession to a veto threat from the Bush administration, House-Senate bargainers empowered Bush to release the aid by certifying that the Arab country is aiding the peace process in the Middle East.