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Construction workers in Los Angeles, Phoenix, Seattle, Chicago, Dallas and Fort Worth hoping to make big money rebuilding Kuwait shouldn't feel too bad when their application - sent to a Salt Lake company - gets returned in the mail.

The Utah Division of Consumer Protection found the employment offer a fraud and has put the company out of business.UAC Construction Co. and UAC Referral Co., 953 E. North Cliffe Drive, placed advertisements in newspapers last week in major cities around the country seeking construction workers to rebuild war-torn Kuwait, state officials said.

The ads claimed workers could earn $57.50 an hour for short- and long-term assignments in Kuwait City, and listed the necessary licensed trades. Applicants were told to send $20 to UAC's Salt Lake post office box.

The division began receiving calls from law enforcement officers and regulators in Seattle, Chicago, Dallas and other cities about the advertisements.

"Because of a tip we received, our department was able to take fast action and prevent many people from getting ripped off," said David Buhler, executive director of the state Department of Commerce.

The Postal Service has returned about 200 unanswered responses to the advertisements, a commerce department spokeswoman said.

Investigators found UAC was not a construction company and did not have a contract with one. State officials had company principals Trevor J. Adrian and York Chandler sign an agreement to cease the solicitations.

The pair did not admit to any wrongdoing and have closed the business, the commerce department said.