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Snedaker Communications Inc., 139 E. South Temple, has signed the final contract to provide services to Health Trust Inc.-The Hospital Co., an 86-hospital system based in Nashville, Tenn.

Elizabeth Johnston, director of strategic planning for Health Trust, said Snedaker was selected because "several of our Western region hospitals used the firm on a successful basis during the past few years, and we felt that a number of our hospitals in other parts of the country could also benefit from Snedaker's expertise."The current project is a joint effort between Snedaker and the Gallup Organization's Houston, Texas, division. Gallup will perform the actual research, and Snedaker will provide the marketing interpretation and advertising recommendations.

Cost of the one project is $800,000, but it has the potential for $7 million in new billings to the Utah company.

Lee Snedaker, president, said his company has been working with hospitals in Utah, Idaho, Washington, Oregon, Arizona, Florida and South Carolina for several years.