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Seven promoters of a multilevel marketing firm that was temporarily shut down this week by a 4th District judge are now facing multiple felony charges, accused of promoting an illegal pyramid scheme.

Thursday, in connection with an investigation of Family Star by the Division of Consumer Protection, deputy county attorney Jim Taylor filed six third-degree felony counts against the company's primary promoters in American Fork's 4th Circuit Court.Charged are Sally Ann Hall, 45, Pleasant Grove; Gary D. Ford, 43, Mapleton; J. Blaine Rupp, 45, and Vickie W. Rupp, 39, Highland; Rulea H. Brooksby, 43, American Fork; Nita M. Peterson, 33, and Matthew J. Peterson, 36, both of American Fork.

Earlier this week, Judge Ray M. Harding ordered Family Star and its promoters to cease operations until a civil case filed by the attorney general's office is resolved.

Investigators say Family Star's promoters sold a newsletter for $19.95 that allowed investors to sign up other investors. They say the company's main purpose was to recruit people.

Company officials say the company offered a legitimate product and that they have done nothing illegal. However, state investigators say the products offered are inconsistent and play no role in the company's operations.