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With their daughter-in-law sentenced to life in prison, Gregory Smart's parents Friday finally gave vent to their anger against the woman convicted of orchestrating his murder.

Pamela Smart was convicted of getting three youths - one of them her 16-year-old lover - to kill her husband of less than one year. Gregory Smart, a 24-year-old insurance salesman, was shot to death in the couple's Derry home last May 1."God and the justice system work, and we're very, very happy," said the victim's father, William Smart. "We said from the beginning that this woman was cold and manipulating.

"In my life I have never met such a cold person, even when she was my daughter-in-law and I supposedly loved her because of my son's love for her," he told reporters gathered outside the Rockingham County courthouse.

"There were moments when I think I could have strangled her during the trial, but we don't do things that way," the father said.

His wife, Judith, said she did not at first suspect her daughter-in-law but gradually came to believe Pamela was involved in the crime. She said many of the clues came from strange things the young widow said.

"I did not start suspecting Pam until about 21/2 months after what happened to Greg. I started putting different things together. Lots of things did not make sense," she said.

William Smart said Pamela had always treated her in-laws coolly. He said she was inhospitable when they visited her and Greg in Florida, rushing the guests through a brisk tour of Busch Gardens.

He said that Greg had sometimes remarked on his wife's temperament.

The couple had earlier said that Pamela behaved bizarrely after her husband's death, packing his belongings in garbage bags, which she had delivered to their house. William Smart held up a paper clip he had carried as a sort of talisman during the trial.

"This paper clip comes from one of my sons suits that she put there in paper bags and sent to my house," he said.

The Smarts said they had waited anxiously while the Rockingham County Superior Court jury deliberated over three days.

"We just kept praying, please please please let the vedict come in and let it be the right one," Mrs. Smart said, adding that she would like to tell the jurors, "Thank you very, very much."