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A man charged with contributing to the deaths of scores of animals in rural northeastern Nevada has pleaded not guilty in Wells Justice Court to 197 counts of animal cruelty.

The plea by Arthur Transue sets up a joint trial with his wife, Marilyn, on identical charges. No date for that trial has been set, Justice of the Peace Marjean Kidner said Friday.Arthur Transue, 40, of Twin Falls, Idaho, turned himself in at the Elko County Jail Wednesday.

He was not arrested with his wife, who was taken into custody in January, because he was in Idaho receiving medical treatment.

His feet suffered frostbite when he tried to get into the farm, located on property in the Thousand Springs area near Wells, according to the sheriff's office.

Mrs. Transue, 42, of Jackpot, was arrested Jan. 7 after deputies discovered the remains of dogs, cats, rabbits, chickens and a peacock on the property. Sixty-six dogs, 25 rabbits, six cats, 21 chickens and two peacocks were found alive. One of the peacocks later died.

The animals were without food and water for some time, Harris has said. Most were found in outdoor cages with temperatures registering as much as 22 degrees below zero when the sheriff's department received the report.

Mrs. Transue was scheduled to go on trial in Wells Friday, but that was postponed.