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Thiokol Corp., the state's largest private employer, is so upset with a $10 million state loan to McDonnell Douglas that it may consider moving some of its business out of Utah, a television station reports.

In its Friday night newscast, KTVX reported that Thiokol officials feel the loan will only help its rivals for aerospace contracts.Thiokol President Ed Garrison is "very upset and unhappy" with the loan deal, KTVX said.

Garrison said the new multimillion-dollar loan agreement means Thiokol, which employs 7,000 Utahns, no longer is on a "level playing field" with its main rival, Hercules Inc.

Under the loan deal, Thiokol contends, McDonnell Douglas, a major aerospace manufacturer, will get a state rebate if it gives work to Hercules.

That, Thiokol charges, gives Hercules unfair advantage over the competition.

Garrison met earlier Friday with Gov. Norm Bangerter to express his concerns.

Garrison said that the thrust of the closed-door meeting was, "If we didn't get the support we needed, we would have to examine our commitment to the state of Utah."