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For the third weekend since the videotaped police beating of a man was televised, demonstrators massed outside police headquarters Saturday demanding that Chief Daryl Gates resign.

About 300 individual and organized demonstrators paraded with signs and banners in front of Parker Center in downtown Los Angeles, chanting, "Gates must go" and "Free L.A."Nearby, a fountain erected to memorialize officers killed in the line of duty was ringed with barricades. The barriers were set up by police earlier this week during another in a series of protests aimed at forcing Gates to resign in the wake of the brutality scandal that has sparked a nationwide outcry.

A group calling itself Citizens in Support of the Chief of Police, or CISCOP, planned to rally for Gates Sunday at the Police Academy in Elysian Park.

Saturday's demonstration involved a dozen political groups and individuals like Cheryl Wossenu, who carried a photo of her son and daughter in military uniforms.

"Why would they be fighting for democracy in America when there's a high probability of their being beaten on the streets of Los Angeles where both of them were born?" Wossenu asked.

Other demonstrators focused not on Gates but the larger issue of police brutality. One woman, Barbara Beasley, carried a photograph of her son, his face swollen by what she said was a beating at the hands of members of another police department.

"I'm here protesting police brutality," she said simply. "They beat my son."

Meanwhile, James Lennertz, a professor of government and law at Lafayette College, said President Bush's description of the videotaped beating as "sickening" may make it tougher to find an impartial jury to try the policemen.