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Scholastic excellence, coupled with citizenship and service accumulated during years of high school studies, paid off for 36 students March 19 in the 1991 Sterling Scholars of Southeast Utah.

The awards, patterned after the honors program sponsored by the Deseret News and KSL, were presented during ceremonies in the Grand County high school auditorium.It marked the first of five 1991 regional programs throughout the Beehive State.

Twelve winners and 24 runners-up, selected earlier in the day during final judging, were disclosed during the program.

They represented students from nine high schools in the region, according to Joan Gough, director. They included Monticello, Monument Valley, San Juan, Carbon, Green River, East Carbon, Whitehorse, Grand County and Emery high schools.

Musical selections were presented by the Grand County string ensemble and Jazz band, and by Jennifer Davis, music nominee from Emery High School. A drama presentation, Charles Dickens' "A Mad Man's Story," was performed by Leslie Robinett, East Carbon nominee in speech/drama.

Introductory remarks were presented by Glen Taylor, superintendent of the Grand County school district, along with a tribute to teachers by Grand County's Todd Pene, a nominee in general scholarship.

Awards were announced by Gary and Jill Jacobson.

The following are winners, listed first, and runners-up, listed alphabetically:

English - Emily Jonas, Carbon; MariAnell Glover, San Juan; and Amanda Brietta McGann, Grand.

Speech/Drama - Rebekah Callor, Carbon; Leslie Robinett, East Carbon; and Misty Dawn Shearer, San Juan.

Mathematics - Erik Spotted Elk, San Juan; Dain Allred, Monticello; and Jeromy Gray, Carbon.

Social Science - Monica Bunderson, Carbon; Sonja Taylor, Grand; and Rusty Truman, Emery.

Science - Troy Lee Gotfredson, Carbon; Ernie Thompson, Emery; and Paul Randall Walker, Monticello.

Foreign Language - Julia Carmen Loewecke, Monticello; Brione Berneche, Carbon; and Eleanor Roberts,Monument Valley.

Visual Arts - Julie Allred, Carbon; Benjamin Byrd, San Juan; and Tonya Israelsen, Emery.

. Industrial Education - Kristi Grogan, Carbon; Evan Fillmore, Emery; and Gary Quarnberg, Green River.

Home Economics - Daphne Cook, Carbon; Sherrill Rae Fullmer, Monticello; and Apryll Jorgensen, Emery.

Business Education - Shanni Bayles, San Juan; Teresa Swasey, Carbon; and Huei Lan Wang, Grand.

Music - Rebecca Lyman, San Juan; Jennifer Bryant, Carbon; and Jim Dillon Moore, Monticello.

General Scholarship - Jody Goodrich, Carbon; Michelle Coles, Emery; Larry Allan Harris, Monticello.