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Orem Community Hospital-

CANNON, Erik and Camille Beth, West Jordan, boy.

CHRISTENSEN, Bruce and Leslie A., Orem girl.

CLAWSON, Michael and Tanya, Provo, girl.

FOSTER, Kevin and Jamie Lee, Payson, girl.

FRANCIS, Anthony and Christina C., Provo, girl.

GHEEN, Mark and Renae, American Fork, boy.

HERNANDEZ, Mario and Marilyn S., Provo, girl.

IROZ, David and Jill Provo, boy.

LARSEN, Kenneth and Lisa, Orem, girl.

MILLER, Roger A., and Connie, Orem, girl.

MURDOCK, George and Marilyn, Orem, boy.

RUSSELL, Harry and Helen Kay, Orem, girl.

VALEK, Ivan and Bonnie, Orem, boy.

VOGEL, Eric and Jolynne, Orem, boy.