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To the editor:

I don't know if enough has been said about employer support of troops that have served in Operation Desert Shield/Storm. I am a paramedic for Gold Cross Ambulance and was sent to Saudi Arabia as a medic with the 144th EVAC Hospital. My paycheck suffered a dramatic drop. It couldn't have come at a worse time for me. I am just recently married, and I couldn't afford the reduction in pay.Thanks to Gold Cross Ambulance, specifically Gene Moffit, president of Gold Cross, I have had many of my problems put to rest. During the time I've been on active duty, Gold Cross has made up the difference between my military check and what I would have normally made.

The war seems to be over. I don't know when my unit will finally rotate home. But I know that when I do get home, I'll find that my family has been provided for. Thanks to Gene Moffit and Gold Cross.

Terry P. North

Spc 144th EVAC Hospital

Editor's note: Gold Cross provided the same support for all of its employees who were called to active duty in the Persian Gulf war.