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The Bountiful Jaycees presented its Distinguished Service Awards recently at its annual banquet.

The main award winners were:

- Christopher Hunsicker, outstanding young citizen.

- Larry Wall, outstanding young educator.

- Gary Smith, outstanding young farmer.

- Darrell Brown, outstanding young firefighter.

- Deanne Hess, outstanding young law enforcement officer

- Blake Murdock, outstanding young religious leader.

- Special presentations were also made to Dion J. Stephenson and Jeffrey A. Rollins.

- In other Bountiful Jaycee news, the annual Easter Egg Hunt is set for Saturday, March 30.

Here are some other recent nominations from readers concerning Wasatch Front residents who make a difference in their communities by doing volunteer work or other such service:

- Beth Ferguson:

One neighbor said that Ferguson, Salt Lake City, spreads sunshine wherever she goes. She has spent the past six years with the homeless, giving away both time and money. She has also taken good care of her ill sister for many years, doing her laundry, grocery shopping and taking her on various errands.

Once she saw an old man smelling fruit in a grocery store. She confronted him alone and asked if he was hungry. She still assists that man with his food and meals months later.

She spends some weekends as a volunteer on Temple Square, welcoming many visitors to Salt Lake City and ensuring that they don't miss the Tabernacle Choir program.

Many of her hours are spent writing letters and poems to shut-ins and her friends living near and far, making their lives a little brighter.

- Elaine Page:

Page has been doing volunteer work at Midvale's Valley Mental Health/

Holden House since its inception, just over two years ago. Through her efforts with a local department store, she was able to obtain needed items for the thrift store. She has also assisted with fund raising, tagging and repairing clothing.

She is also involved with the West Valley Alliance for the Mentally Ill and supports families who have members that are chronically mentally ill.

- Norma E. Petet:

Petet sings regularly in Bountiful's St. Olaf's choir and also spends a few days a month singing for the elderly. She also finds time to be an excellent mother.

- Lynn Nebeker:

Nebeker is an adoptive and foster mother for the state. She only takes in handicapped children, and this service is an immeasurable plus to the community.

- Erma A. Kendrick:

Kendrick started volunteering at Logan Hospital 10 years ago. She has since moved to Salt Lake City and now serves at the Pioneer Valley Hospital, assisting at the information desk.

Once a week, she works at the Kearns Food Bank, putting out food for the needy. She also assists at a food kitchen in Salt Lake City and puts in many hours a week helping the hungry.

- Dora Julian:

She has been a volunteer at the St. Joseph Villa, one day a week for the past 20 years. She is 83 years old and still drives her own car to offer her volunteer service.

- Leslie Gertsch:

She provides many hours a week of her own time in helping the blind and also in taking care of a family of four. All this, despite being blind herself.

- Dimple Diviney:

She started the senior adult group, "Dimple's Darlings," as a community outreach program in the Kearns area 13 years ago. She still assists with the program.

- Robert Bruse:

He obtains bakery goods from the store and takes them to a senior citizens center twice a week. One neighbor said Bruse is quick to help anyone who looks as if they need help.