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The brother-in-law of a soldier, whose slaying in Detroit just days after his return from the Persian Gulf led to calls for a war on street crime, has been arrested in the shooting.

Police plan to seek murder charges against Army Spec. Anthony Riggs' 19-year-old brother-in-law, Michael Cato, homicide Inspector Gerald Stewart said.The Detroit Free Press and The Detroit News quoted unnamed police sources Tuesday as saying Riggs' family had argued over money and that a "substantial" life insurance policy was taken out before Riggs was sent to the Persian Gulf.

"This crime had absolutely nothing to do with random street violence," Stewart said.

Also Monday, police questioned and released Riggs' wife, Toni Cato Riggs, said her attorney, Althina Siringas.

Riggs, 22, was shot five times March 18 outside the home of his wife's aunt while helping his wife move. He had returned the week before from eight months' duty in the Persian Gulf, where he was part of a Patriot missile battery group.

Riggs' car was stolen, and some authorities said a street robbery was suspected.

A friend of Riggs' at Fort Bliss, Texas, Sgt. Gary Welliver, said in a telephone interview Monday that people who knew Riggs doubted that theory. He said the couple were having marital problems, and Mrs. Riggs told her husband she wanted a divorce.