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DidiSeven is a super-concentrated, multi-purpose formula that works as a stain remover, a bleach and a special application cleaner. You'll find it at stores like Osco or Fred Meyer and it is advertised on television. Is it worth $14.95 for a 3.5-ounce tube? Listen to what our test panel had to say:

Kay Hadley: "I am a believer! DidiSeven is remarkable. I removed permanent red and blue marker from a fairly light carpet, from walls and formica. It also faded the knees of a pair of Levis as I tried to remove grass stains. One must test for color-fastness as I learned the hard way, but this stuff is worth the hefty price."Don Russell: "Once we read through the rather lengthy instructions we were ready to give it a try. DidiSeven lives up to its claims. I used it on brass tarnish and I could really see a difference."

Doris Wilding: "I am impressed and it's hard to impress me! I tried DidiSeven on normal spots on my carpet in the hallway and they came right up. I tried it on a spot where my husband spilled some heavy machine oil from the furnace. I had previously gotten the stain out to just a dull light greasy stain and after trying everything it would not come out. DidiSeven took it all out. I am really impressed. This is worth the $15!"

Judy Slack: "I tracked something in the house on my shoe and left a stain on the linoleum that I had to use Thoro on to get out. I also tracked it on a light colored throw rug that I thought would never come clean. I used DidiSeven and the stain came out totally and completely. I was quite impressed!"

Edyth Jensen: "We put DidiSeven in with some whites that had gone dingy. It did seem to work well. I'm not sure if I would buy this again but I will use it on drastic spots."

Linda C. Tingey: "I tried this on one of my son's old shirts after he changed the spark plugs on my car. I didn't think the shirt would ever come clean again and I actually planned on throwing it away. The shirt came clean. DidiSeven definitely works on grease and motor oil. It's marvelous! With all the boys in my family working on cars, I plan on keeping this around!"

Conclusion: A hearty round of applause for DidiSeven from our panelists! We think every home ought to have DidiSeven on hand for those stubborn stains that usually ruin an object. It wouldn't take more than one shirt or carpet saved to make the $15 price seem like a bargain.

The Deseret News testing panel independently tests products purchased by the Deseret News. Readers with suggestions for products to be tested should contact the Today Section, Box 1257, Salt Lake City, UT 84110.