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Could you please help me locate a vacuum company that was called Compact of Utah? It was originally located at 65 E. 4th South #207, in Salt Lake City. I believe it has since changed its name and I don't know how to contact it.

I need to have my Compact vacuum serviced and also need some bags. I would appreciate any help you can give me in locating the company. - A.O., Salt Lake City.We don't know what happened to Compact of Utah. But we did find out it wasn't the only Compact game in town. A number of vacuum stores service Compact vacuums as well as carry such items as vacuum bags.

Before we go into that, however, let us explain that Compact vacuums are no longer being manufactured. Interstate Manufacturing Corp. in Anaheim, Calif., which made Compact vacuums, changed their name to Tri Star. The Tri Star is pretty much the same vacuum with a different name.

Vacuum World is the only store in Salt Lake City that's authorized by the factory to do Tri Star repairs. The company honors warranties on vacuums that were sold by Tri Star of Utah, which marketed the vacuums door-to-door but is no longer in business. Tri Star of Utah was located on 39th South. It also honors coupons for yearly service and the use of a shampooer that came with the Tri Star vacuums. It has two locations. One is 127 E. 7200 South in Midvale. The other is in West Jordan.

According to Jerry Williams of Vacuum World, the vast majority of problems with vacuums are caused by customers. They fail to replace the belt on the power nozzle often enough. "It should be replaced every few months," he says. "A worn belt causes the motor to heat up excessively which damages the brass bushings and bearings."

Several other vacuum stores that advertise in the Yellow Pages service Compact vacuums. Bigler's, at 4873 S. State in Murray, is not factory-authorized but it does service Compact/Tri Star vacuums. It does not keep Tri Star vacuums in stock but it can place a special order if a customer wants to buy one. It sells an occasional refurbished Compact.

Smith-Crown Co. at 1993 S. 11th East services and sells parts but does not do warranty work for Compact/Tri Star vacuums. It sells a refurbished Compact when it gets one.

A-One Vacuum Center, 1594 S. State, sells new Compact vacuums, which obviously must have been manufactured before the name was changed to Tri Star. It also services them although it isn't a factory-authorized service center for Compact/Tri Star.

There may be other vacuum stores that service Compact/Tri Star. We advise you to thumb your Yellow Pages.

$33 refund

Last July I odered shoes from Hill Brothers. The company promised me two different shipping dates that it was unable to meet. I therefore cancelled by order and asked for a refund. I have not received the refund. The amount of money involved is $33.94. I hope you can help. -- C.C., Bountiful

The company has sent you a refund.