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A southern Romania peasant kept a big secret buried in his garden through 35 years of communist collective agriculture.

Convinced that communism was gone for good, Calin Florea recently unearthed his prized German-made Lanz tractor.Florea told the daily Curierul National newspaper that the engine still ran, and the tractor would be tilling his land in two weeks. He couldn't find the hood and some other pieces he entombed separately,

Florea, of the village of Scrioastea, told communist officials who tried to confiscate the tractor in 1955 that it had been destroyed. He turned over some spare parts instead.

He thought the Communists would soon fall, and buried the tractor for what he thought was a short time, in tar-coated cardboard. He hid engine parts in the house, the report said.

Florea, now retired, dug up the tractor only after land reforms took effect last month.