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Standing atop concrete slabs resembling stadium steps, Dave Allred was trying to get reporters to imagine.

The space in which he was standing - now little more than concrete and pipes - will seat 18 and will come complete with a kitchen and private bathrooms, about 45 feet above the basketball court. It will be one of 56 private suites surrounding the arena.And it will cost $95,000 a year to use.

"Take a good look," Allred, Utah Jazz public relations vice president, said. "It's probably the last time any of us will be in here."

The new Jazz arena, still nameless, officially is half finished now.

During a media tour up wooden ladders and around heavy equipment Tuesday, team officials announced the stadium will be finished Oct. 4, on schedule. The basic structure is in place, and crews from O.C./Sahara, the company constructing the arena, will spend the next three months putting a roof over it.

Reporters received a glimpse of the new Jazz locker room, which includes a chiropractor's office, a sauna and a steam room.

Team officials tried to get reporters, freezing in an early spring wind, to imagine the building filled with green seats. From the roof will hang a state-of-the-art scoreboard with a huge television screen capable of showing instant replays. Unlike some new arenas around the National Basketball Association, seats will reach to courtside.

"We are trying to preserve the home-court advantage," Allred said. "Some new arenas are putting the fans far away. I can see where players think it's scary to have people that close."

Standing at the top of the sixth level, where one sees an impressive panorama of the Salt Lake Valley, Allred said he was no more than a row or two farther from the floor than he would be at the top of the Salt Palace. The new arena is not much bigger than the Salt Palace, he said. It's just designed differently to allow more seats.

"This is an arena built around a basketball court, unlike the Salt Palace," he said. "I think people will be surprised when they get tickets near the top and see there's not much difference between this and what you have at the Salt Palace."