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Kids On The Move, an early intervention program for disabled children, is getting a seal of approval from the Orem City Council, as well as more money.

Despite questions from one member, the council approved funding for the coming year's Community Development Block Grants and, at the same time, diverted about $27,000 earmarked for public works projects to KOTM.Not all council members agreed that diverting extra money to KOTM was the best use of grant funds.

Councilman Kelvin Clayton said he thought other matters deserved attention, especially in light of the fact that KOTM was already receiving $15,000 in grants.

But Councilman James Evans said other groups have received more than $1 million in aid, and he did not see that this would be a problem.

Orem Mayor S. Blaine Willes said Kids On The Move is a worthy project, especially now that the organization is in the final stages of collecting funds for a new building.

KOTM director Karen Hahne said the building will cost more than half a million dollars, and the organization has raised just more than $400,000.

The money that was diverted to her program will be very much appreciated, Hahne told the council. She said that KOTM is working with 65 children and only has funding for 45, so the new building is greatly needed.

Another group that has received a lot of help from grant funds is the city's senior citizens, and $20,000 has been set aside to provide a carport for the city's senior citizen's center.

Jean Crowther, a senior citizen's representative to the block grant committee, said the carport may sound expensive, but it is not just a whim.

"There are many people with canes and walkers, and there is one in a wheelchair," she said.

The proposed carport would be high enough to permit a van to enter.