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To fulfill promises made last year to pull environmentalists into a coalition supporting completion of the Central Utah Project, Utah's members of Congress on Monday called for more study of the Jordanelle Dam.

They wrote U.S. Geological Study Director Dallas Peck asking his agency to again evaluate the safety of Jordanelle - which is under construction near Heber, Wasatch County - and whether the Provo River can fill it and meet all other existing water rights.Aides to the congressmen said environmentalists originally wanted such studies to be included in a bill the delegation failed to pass last year but is again pushing now, to raise the CUP's debt limit to allow its completion.

A compromise was reached instead to send a letter requesting the same studies. Aides stressed that Utah members generally do not believe Jordanelle is unsafe or that insufficient water is available to fill it - but they want a review to verify it.