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What happens when a black currant is crossed with a gooseberry?

According to Midwest Living magazine, a jostaberry (pronounced JOH-sta-berry), with dark-purple fruit two or three times larger than currants on a handsome, glossy-leafed, thornless shrub, is produced. The jostaberry, developed by a German, takes its name from German words meaning currant and gooseberry.The berry's taste combines the best of a gooseberry with a mild hint of black currant. At North Star Gardens in Minnesota, manager Paul Otten describes the taste as between a plum and a grape.

The jostaberry's seeds are smaller than a raspberry's, and the new berry's thick skin keeps the fruit fresh for at least a week after picking, even without refrigeration. Eat the berries by themselves, juice them or bake them in pies.

Extremely hardy, jostaberries are expected to thrive throughout the Midwest, though they're still so new their northern limits aren't yet known.