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The results of a recent Good Housekeeping Institute Food Trends Study show that 200 women from across the country want two things from their meal-making experiences: "fast" and "healthy."

To 86 percent of the women surveyed, a "quick and easy" main dish is defined as something that can be prepared in 30 minutes or less (20 percent of the 35-or-younger set defined it as 15 minutes or less).The biggest recent change in their weekday meal preparations, according to 40 percent, is the inclusion of more convenience foods - such as canned foods.

Canned foods are not only convenient but can help fulfill the "healthy" requirement; there are more choices of low-sodium and low-sugar versions now.

Also, a wide variety of canned foods can be kept on hand so cooks are never without vegetables, meats, fruits or seafoods, even during a bad winter when shopping trips are less frequent.

Variety and moderation are still the most important keys to a good diet.