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State licensing regulators have revoked the license of a psychologist accused of sexually molesting and assaulting male teenagers under his care, an order said.

Laurence C. Reiser, now living in Salt Lake City, was a therapist for the Sorensen Ranch and Rowlett Group Home in Sevier County when he had sexual contact with nine juvenile patients between 1989 and 1990, an order issued this week by the state Division of Occupational and Professional Licensing said."Given his relationship as a therapist to those patients, it is evident that (Reiser) exercised undue influence to exploit those patients for his personal benefit," the order said, adding that Reiser agreed the youths suffered trauma from the experience.

Reiser entered into a diversionary agreement with Sevier County prosecutors to dismiss criminal charges of forcible sexual abuse, stemming from his activities at the youth homes, if he meets certain conditions. Following the filing of those charges, licensing regulators suspended Reiser's license to practice last November.

The state Psychology Board acknowledged Reiser's treatment of counseling and psychoactive medication, the order said, but the nature of his misconduct and need to protect the public called for revoking his license rather than letting him practice under restrictions.

Neither Reiser, whose phone number is not listed, nor his attorney could be reached for comment.