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While residents of Mary Ward Hall might joke about the "toe licker," in reality there is nothing funny about the man who stalks their dormitory hallways.

Last September, on two consecutive weekends, a man sneaked into the coed dormitory at San Francisco State University and entered the rooms of some women students, lifting the covers from their beds and licking their toes and legs.Dubbed the "toe licker," the "leg licker" or, more ominously, "the midnight prowler," the young assailant disappeared for several months as mysteriously as he arrived - until this past weekend.

Early Sunday morning, the man returned, striking four rooms. In all cases, however, the intended victims were awake and the attacker was eventually chased from the building.

"I'd like to catch him and get inside his head; find out the source of his perversion," said 20-year-old Rhonelle DeLeon, a speech communications major. "What is it with this licking thing, anyway? It's pretty bizarre."

With spring break clearing out most of the students from the dorm this week, it's unlikely the licker will return for a spell, but those few remaining in the dorm were convinced he would be back. And some were ready with surprises.

"He'll be back until he gets caught," said 24-year-old Debbie Jaun. "I think he's like a flasher; he gets his kicks off of people's reactions. But I'm ready for him - I've got a stun gun."

Others in the dorm - the only one on campus where the licker strikes - keep baseball bats or bottles near their beds.

And though the licker thus far has been more of a nuisance than violent, the fact that he can get into the supposedly safe building so easily is what has residents disturbed and angry. No one knows if the man may eventually get violent. Distributed by Scripps Howard News Service.