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Cornelius (Neal) R. Peterson of Provo was elected president of the Brigham Young University Emeritus Club at the group's annual luncheon at BYU.

He succeeds Catherine Eyring Edwards.The 5,000-member club is made up of students who attended the Y. at least 50 years ago and of retired faculty members. In Friday's meeting, the Class of 1941 was inducted into membership, and 10 members received the Special Recognition Award for lives of outstanding achievement.

Peterson retired in 1976 after serving for 22 years as BYU purchasing director. He also supervised the BYU station of the U.S. Postal Service and the Receiving and Stores Department.

For a while, he was also supervisor of the Provo area office of the LDS Church Central Purchasing Division, which included purchasing for the Provo Temple and Utah Valley LDS Hospital. He also supervised purchasing for the Church South Seas Schools.

He has been president of the Purchasing Managers Association of Utah and the National Association of Educational Buyers, an organization representing 1,500 major colleges and universities.

In 1938, Peterson became the first full-time general secretary of the BYU Alumni Association. He left that position to serve as a Naval officer in World War II and spent two years in Australia training troops in American warfare.

He filled a mission for the LDS Church to the North-Central States. In 1979-81, he and his wife, Enid, served as welfare missionaries in the Oklahoma-Tulsa Mission at the Cherokee Nation Tribal Headquarters.