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Brig. Gen. Rami Dotan was sentenced to 13 years in prison for using his position as the air force's chief procurement officer to embezzle at least $12 million.

Writing the final chapter in one of the most embarassing scandals in Israeli history, a military tribunal also demoted Dotan to private and ordered him to return all the money he stole.The sentence was worked out in a plea bargain by Dotan's lawyers two weeks ago when the general was convicted on 12 charges of bribery, fraud and embezzlement. Dotan apologized to the court, calling himself a "subhuman nothing."

Besides the charges that he stole $7.5 million in a deal when he was the air force procurement chief, Dotan also pleaded guilty to accruing about $4.5 million through billings for fictious air force projects, falsifying accounts and maintaining a secret partnership in a firm that received military contracts.