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Gentner Electronics Corp. has released its PeopleLink Acoustic Telephone Interface that is the culmination of one year of research and development and designed to improve boardroom audio conferencing and help businesses reduce travel time and expenses.

Company officials said ATI eliminates acoustic echo, one of the most common problems found in boardroom-to-boardroom audio conferencing. Acoustic echo exists when speaker audio is picked up and retransmitted to the remote boardroom through microphones.In the past, traditional speaker phones have dealt with acoustic echo by cutting off one side of the audio path. Although speaker phones treat the acoustic echo problem, they present an additional problem. When one side of the audio conference is cut off, it results in unnatural conversations and reduced interaction between participants, company officials said.

Russell Gentner, company president, said ATI is the first of several new teleconferencing products to be released and is the first step in pursuit of the fast-growing teleconferencing market.