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The Property Management Division of Miller and Co. Real Estate Services Inc., 1225 E. Fort Union Blvd., has been awarded a Veterans Administration management contract for 1991, which will bring the company an additional 200 houses to sell.

The contract means that when VA-repossessed properties become available, Miller employees assess the damage, report to the VA what repairs need to be made and then market the houses after the repairs are made.Miller officials also report that recent expansion of the Fort Union location has given them the opportunity to be a full-service company, and 18 experienced agents have become associated since January. Eight more agents will become associates soon.

The new agents include Jeffery Anspaugh, Lou Arnold, Michelle Clark, Jeff Jackson, Vaughn Jackson, Richard Lehl, Donald Mitchell, Roger Nicholls, Rebecca Page, Tina Prizament, Carolyn Seyfried, Lyle Vance, Gordon Weight, Jeffery Kubits, Steve Seghini, Dianna Jannsen and Jean Palmer.

Rudy Vallee, one of Miller's million dollar producers, has been named salesman of the year for 1990 and also has been nominated by the company to the Salt Lake Board of Realtors for the rookie of the year award.