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If two minds are better than one, what great things can develop when three non-profit organizations come together? "Arts of the Challenged" is the perfect example.

The Junior League of Salt Lake City, Camp Kostopulos and Very Special Arts of Utah combined to create the project last year. Promoting art and art programs for individuals with disabilities, "Arts of the Challenged" presented the work of Ogden artist Harry Taylor and 12-year-old Bryan Russell of Salt Lake City as Christmas cards.Taylor, who was art director for Meridian Publishing for 31 years, now works full time at his studio creating woodcut prints, drawings and etchings. He is dealing with multiple sclerosis and yet finds his current art is some of his best.

Young Russell tried his hand at painting during the after-school program at Camp Kostopulos and had his first painting chosen to be reproduced on the Art of the Challenged Christmas cards.

"Arts of the Challenged" provides exhibition and marketing opportunities for disabled artists. A national showcase opportunity will come on April 6 at the Salt Lake Art Center during the Very Special Arts National Convention.

Very Special Arts was begun in 1974 by Jean Kennedy Smith and brings the arts to disabled people. A full range of artistic experiences, including dance, music, theater, creative writing, painting and drawing, are developed for the physically and mentally challenged.

"Art Is for Everyone" is an evening of art sponsored by the Junior League of Salt Lake City, Camp Kostopulos and Very Special Arts of Utah.

Utah Attorney General Paul Van Dam will be master of ceremonies for the evening, which begins at 7 p.m. with a silent auction of paintings by Lannie Bernard, Richard Murray, Ken Baxter, Randall Lake, Abby Whitney and Ursula Broudauf-Craig. There will also be pottery from the Verner Weixler Gallery and jewelry by Doug Simmons and Sheena Mitchell. Original art done at Camp Kostopulos will be auctioned, including the colorful tableclothes adorning the dinner tables.

Cary Stevens Jones, director of Very Special Arts of Utah, was surprised with a phone call from Senator Ted Kennedy late Thursday afternoon. Kennedy had seen the invitation to "Art is for Everyone" in the national office of Very Special Arts and is sending a lithograph of a Hyanisport landscape he personally painted. The lithograph will arrive by Federal Express in time to be part of the art auction.

An unusual offering will be an original created fish by Bri Matheson and Camp K. artwork T-shirts and tulip bags. Gift certificates from Ballet West, the Utah Symphony, Theaterworks West, Hale Center Theater, La Caille and Gastronomy will also be available.

The buffet dinner is being catered by A Catered Affair and will begin at 7:30. Entertainment will be provided by the Sunrise Dancers, directed by Ann Riodan.

Glenda Solomon Bradley is fund-raising director for Camp Kostopulos, and Rhea Hristou is director of "Arts of the Challenged." Cary Stevens Jones is executive director of Very Specials Arts of Utah. Junior League volunteers who have worked on the evening of arts are: Marcey Bartholomew, Laurel Bates, Toni Carter, Mary Gilchrist, Marianne Ogaard, Monica Meyrick, Lisa O'Brian, Bev Stevens, Jane Stevens, Laurie Hofman, Shauna Whitby, Debbie Goldthorpe, Stanna Frampton-Florias, Lisa Gabel, Wendi Wilkinson and Merrilee Knight. Junior League sustaining advisers are Susan Mullins and Liz Crowder.


"Art Is for Everyone"

An evening of art will be presented during the Very Special Arts National Convention April 4-7.

Where: The Salt Lake Art Center, 20 S. West Temple, Salt Lake City.

When: Wednesday, April 6, 7 p.m.

What: Buffet dinner, entertainment and art auction.

Sponsored by: The Junior League of Salt Lake City, Very Special Arts of Utah and Camp Kostopulos.

Tickets: The cost is $25 per couple, and tickets can be obtained by calling Laurel Bates at 263-4515.