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Williams Field Services, 295 Chipeta Way, a sister company of Northwest Pipeline Corp., has started service through its Milagro gas treating plant near Blanco, N.M., to treat coal seam gas from the Manzanares gathering system in the San Juan Basin in northwestern New Mexico and southwestern Colorado.

Ed England, vice president, said the service began by bringing up one train of the plant that has a capacity of 167 million cubic feet of gas per day. A second train is scheduled for completion in May that will double the plant capacity to 334 million cubic feet per day.The initial delivery from the plant to the Blanco hub is 30-50 million cubic feet per day. Two interstate pipeline systems are connected to the Blanco Hub and another is on the way, England said.

The plant removes carbon dioxide from the gas to bring it to pipeline quality. The gas processed through Milagro is produced primarily by Amoco and Conoco and most of it has previously been routed through the Ignacio processing plant.

"Now that our plant is running, this gas, as well as substantial volumes of future coal seam gas, will go through Milagro directly to the Blanco Hub," England said. "Work continues on the remainder of the Manzanares coal seam gathering system and full service to producers in other areas of the basin will be occurring throughout 1991," he said.