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To the editor:

No, we did not want it.But after war did come, my husband and I got out our flag and flew it every clear day until March 8, when Desert Storm was declared over.

And now, in the midst of the cheering that I join in to welcome our troops home, it is hard to see in the paper these past few days prominent figures denouncing those who "supported sanctions instead of arms to oust Iraq from invaded Kuwait."

What does it mean for the future of the democratic process to suggest that officials "will have to pay for" a difference of opinion?

It is my Americanism that tells me to express my conscience. Surely my caring about my flag and my homeland and its people and all those people of other lands need not be expressed only by marching lock step with others of good will and good causes.

If my stepping and that of so many friends is to a different drummer, it is toward the same goal - peace on this blessed earth, and good will toward all, including, please, those who simply wanted peace by a different route.

Emma Lou Thayne

Salt Lake City