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Following are capsulized versions of recommended restaurants reviewed by Al Church, Deseret News Dining Out columnist:

Viet-Hoa Cafe, 8475 S. State St. Sandy. 255-4794. The colorful and flavorful cuisines of Vietnam and China are the specials of this nicely appointed restaurant. Fresh fish specials, grilled meats and rice noodles are dishes worth considering from the lengthy menu. * * *Da Lolo's Restaurant Francais, 2060 E. 3300 South; 467-9616. Traditional French dishes with specialty cream sauces for beef and seafood items. Authentic rotisserie, attentive service and comfortable atmosphere add to its pleasant bistro feel. * * * 1/2

Ristorante della Fontana, 336 S. 400 East, 328-4243. One of Salt Lake's most consistent restaurants. Six-course meals feature a wonderful minestrone soup, palate-pleasing salads and fresh fruit, and some pleasant though ordinary Italian entrees. Wonderful atmosphere in a turn-of-the-century church. * * * 1/2

Cannella's, 204 E. 500 South. 364-3843. Long a favorite spot for lunch, this little Italian eatery is now open for dinners on Thursday and Friday nights. Generous portions, reasonable prices and warm hospitality have earned Cannella's a well-deserved reputation. * * *

The Carriage Court Restaurant, 71 W. South Temple, 531-1000. In harmony with the comfortable modesty of the beautifully restored Inn at Temple Square, this elegant restaurant offers reasonably priced gourmet specialties. Seafood with tempting sauces are especially good. * * * *

La Dolce Vita, 61 North 100 East, Provo. 373-8482. Literally "the sweet life," this little Italian eatery takes its name from an old Fellini film. But the inexpensive homemade pasta and dessert specialties quickly erase any cinema noir aftertaste. Residents of happy valley and occasional visitors should appreciate this very good restaurant. * * * 1/2

Old Salt City Jail, 460 S. 1000 East, 355-2422. Predictable steak house fare served amidst a re-created Western jail. The decor is nicely weathered and the menu consistent. * * *

Cafe Rude, 961 S. State, 595-6660. Off beat, occasionally spicy, eclectic dishes are the specials of this small eatery. Creative pasta, vegetarian, seafood and chicken dishes are spiced with a blend of Mediterranean, Southwestern, Cajun or Oriental seasonings. * * * *

La Puente, 3434 S. State, 466-1194. A lively Mexican eatery that serves up hearty servings of Mexican food and hospitality. Combination platters, smothered burritos and smothered soft shell tacos are especially good. * * * .

Siegfried's Deli, 69 W. 300 South, 355-3891. A cafeteria-style lunch counter offers downtown diners a chance to sample some of the 70 different kinds of sausages and smoked meats available in this festive delil. Homemade sausages such as weisswurst, bratwurst and liverwurst are especially good. * * * 1/2

El Farol, 7223 S. State, 255-3742; 1769 E. Murray/Holladay Road, 272-4737. Uncomplicated, moderately priced, freshly prepared Mexican specialties are the main ingredients of this unpretentious restaurant. For years, El Farol (the lantern) has beckoned diners with consistent quality. * * * 1/2

Hellenic House Restaurant, 2750 S. 300 West, 487-3045. An informal eatery that features lots of American food; but the earthy Greek specialties are worth the visit, especially the avgolemono soup, gyro, and roasted meats. * * * 1/2

Tokyo Boys, 515 S. 700 East, Trolley Corners, 364-7148. Authentic Japanese cuisine, including some dishes not often served in local Japanese restaurants. The atmosphere is breezy and the sushi and sashimi fresh. * * * *