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- Lynn Vinzant, city planner, told the City Council that population growth in the city has declined from 2.5 percent to 1.9 percent in the past year.

- Appointed LeeAnn Powell as the city's new recreation director.

- Discussed long-range improvements for Meadows Park. The city wants citizen comments on what improvements should be made first. Suggested projects include basketball courts, walking/jogging path and a bowery.


- Voted to join the Utah State Investment Pool Fund, which serves 400 other state agencies, cities and school districts, with $1.3 billion in assets. The city will retain its checking account in a Syracuse bank, but all excess reserves will be put in the state pool for a higher amount of return. The city would have earned an extra $8,000 in interest last year if its excess funds had been in the state pool instead of a bank.

- Accepted contracts for two building projects in Founders Park. The new restroom will be built by Patrick Bernson Construction for $66,780. Also awarded was a contract to Miller Paving for parking-lot improvements. The parking lot will be completed within 30 days from beginning of construction and the restrooms within 60 days. All construction should be completed by June 1. The mayor said there still might be $50,000 left for lights in the park.

- Blake Gailey took the oath of office and replaced Seldon Young on the youth city council. Young resigned because of other time commitments.

- Accepted a gift from Coca-Cola Co. for a new park scoreboard, worth $4,070.

- Heard a proposal from the Syracuse Lions Club, offering to sell its building to the city for new offices. The building, unofficially appraised for about $164,000, has 4,000 square feet and is at 1900 S. 2250 West. The club would rebate any purchase amount over $100,000 to the city, and the initial $100,000 from the sale would be placed into an escrow account and the interest earned go toward projects to benefit the community. The Lions Club said a large portion of its funds now goes to maintain the large club building, which prevents the club from doing more community projects. The City Council will study the proposal and discuss it next month.

- A water conservation plan, divided into three areas, has been developed for the city, which wants to educate the public on the program and conservation. Concerns were raised about adequate monitoring of daily water usage.

West Point

- Drafted letters of recognition to 14 residents of West Point who served in the Persian Gulf war.

- Authorized presenting a plan to the Hooper Water Improvement District for upgrading the city's water system.

- Received a bid of about $9,000 for a backup sewer generator, to be used by the city during power outages. The City Council voted to examine government surplus generators before making a purchase.

- Utah Power & Light Co. promised to dig a ditch near the Oakcrest subdivision to prevent future flooding from excess runoff. UP&L leases some land east of Oakcrest.