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A new organizational structure that becomes effective April 1 at Mountain Fuel Supply Co. is designed to enhance the company's ability to focus on customers, according to D.N. Rose, president.

"Customer service has always been a priority at Mountain Fuel. Recognizing that our customer services are an important strength in the increasingly competitive energy marketplace, we are taking steps to enhance those services," said Rose.At the center of the utility's 18 customer service centers in Utah and Wyoming will a be customer-service organization responsible for providing all services to customers, including customer sales; system engineering; construction and maintenance; on-premise technical service; and business office service.

Stephen C. Yeager, has been named vice president of customer service and will head the customer service organization. He has been with Mountain Fuel for 15 years and previously was vice president of retail operations.

The 18 customer service centers are included in six geographical regions and Gary A. Schmitt has been named general manager of the regions. He has been with Mountain Fuel 14 years and previously was manager of industrial marketing services.

Backing up the customer-service organization will be four other organizations dealing with finance, gas distribution, marketing and administration. Glenn H. Robinson, who has 17 years of experience with Mountain Fuel, has been named vice president and controller and will direct the financial areas.

Bruce G. Russell, who has been with the utility for 21 years and previously was general manager of distribution operation, has been named general manager for gas distribution.

Theodore K. Groves will continue as general manager for administration and Susan Glassman has been named general manager of marketing. She previously was manager of corporate communication for Ques-tar Corp., Mountain Fuel's parent company.