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A Salt Lake man faces arraignment in 3rd District Court on a third degree felony charge of abuse or desecration of a human body.

Francisco Jose Nin, 37, is set for arraignment April 5, 8:30 a.m., before Judge Homer Wilkinson.Police allege Nin tried to cut off the feet of a woman who died while the couple were engaged in sexual relations. An autopsy said the woman, who was suffering from pneumonia, choked to death after coughing up phlegm. Wounds ranging between 1/4- and 1/3-inch deep were discovered on the backside of both legs near the ankles during the autopsy.

During Thursday's preliminary hearing before 3rd Circuit Judge Floyd H. Gowans, assistant state medical examiner Sharon Schmittker testified the wounds occurred after the woman's death and appeared to be intentional.

Salt Lake Police Detective James Alcock said the wounds were not discovered at the scene because socks covered the feet of the otherwise naked body.

Nin was questioned about the incident the night of Feb. 2 and then released. He was formally arrested Feb. 4, the day after the autopsy.

The defense offered no witnesses at the hearing and Nin, acting on counsel advice, declined to make a statement.

Gowans immediately ordered Nin bound over for arraignment.