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After several years of pleading, Pleasant Grove is finally getting two traffic signals.

The Utah Department of Transportation has agreed to place traffic signals at the intersections of Center Street and 100 East and 300 East and State Street. The lights are scheduled to be installed by Sept. 15.Along with installing a signal at 300 East and State Street, UDOT will realign Sam White's Lane (500 South) and 300 East so they are perpendicular to State Street.

Lt. Tom Paul said both 100 East and 300 East are busy intersections. Third East was the most dangerous intersection in the city during 1990, with 15 accidents.

During 1990, there were five accidents at the intersection of Center Street and 100 East. In 1989, there were 15 accidents at the intersection and 11 at 300 East.

The signal at 100 East will cost $80,000, according to Ritchie Taylor, UDOT engineer. The signal at 300 East will cost around $150,000 because of the work needed to realign the streets.