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Volunteers 60 or older are currently needed to become foster grandparents in the Provo/Orem and northern Utah County area, according to Charles Dearing, executive director of the local Foster Grandparent Program.

There is a need for more grandparents to help at the Utah State Training School in American Fork.Foster grandparents are also needed in schools, helping elementary schoolchildren with reading, math and spelling.

A new foster grandparent station just opened is the Newborn Intensive Care Unit at the Utah Valley Regional Medical Center. Other stations include the Utah State Hospital and Youth Detention's observation and assessment unit.

Foster grandparents work five days a week, four hours each day. They are provided with a daily lunch and are given days off for illness and vacation. Foster grandparents must meet low-income guidelines in order to receive the stipend for the work. The stipend does not affect any of their benefits based on income.

Foster grandparents are provided with transportation to and from their daily work station and also receive an insurance policy that covers on-the-job injuries. Foster grandparents receive a free yearly physical and must be in good health.

For more information on becoming a foster grandparent, call the United Way Volunteer Center at 374-8108. - Kids on the Move needs committed volunteers to spend two to three hours, once a week, working with handicapped children in the early intervention preschool. Volunteers are needed from 9 a.m. and 2:30 p.m.

- Volunteers are needed to help feed the homeless with the Food and Shelter Coalition. Individual volunteers or small groups (10 or fewer) can help warm up the precooked food, set the tables and help clean up. Donations of prepared food and sack lunches are also needed.

For more information call the United Way Volunteer Center at 374-8108.