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A new water slide at Seven Peaks Resort Water Park will take patrons through a jungle, a laser fantasy show and a thunderstorm all in about 90 seconds.

"The Lazer's Edge" will be a 56-inch-diameter, 550-foot-long flume "that is totally dark inside," said Paul Mix, water park general manager. Inside the tube are what Mix calls three experiences."What's happening with the water park is we're trying to follow the Disney approach to things. We're starting to theme our water slides," he said.

The first theme hits riders with jungle sounds and lights as they slide by. Then comes a shooting light show accompanied by Star Wars-type music. That's followed by a rainstorm complete with lightning bolts, thunder and a sheet of water.

"It's really going to be a lot of fun," Mix said.

Construction of the slide began this week and will be completed by the end of April. Mix said the ride will be open May 18, the park's opening day.

Mix said the slide will cost about $200,000 to build. Seven Peaks saved about that much by removing at a cost of $8,000 an unused and unwanted water slide from Ogden's Newgate Mall, Mix said. The fiberglass tubes will be reassembled for the new slide.

Admission prices at the park are going up 50 cents per entrance, Mix said. He said although the new ride is worth a 50-cent increase, prices are being raised because of the increase in minimum wage. The park employs 200 to 250 young people each summer.

The Lazer's Edge is designed to be a high-capacity slide, sending 500 to 600 riders through per hour, Mix said. The slide also has four different sound tracks, giving riders varied experiences.

The water park is also planning a new winter attraction. A portable outdoor ice rink will be set up near the concession stands beginning Nov. 1, Mix said.

Also, the Seven Peaks driving range will open late this summer. Mix said Seven Peaks owner Victor Borcherds will allow some limited play on the golf course this fall. It will be open for regular play next spring, he said.


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City newsletter plus businesses

Some residents are wondering why a Provo City newsletter accompanying March's utility bill included an advertisement for Seven Peaks Resort Water Park season passes.

Raylene Ireland, a city administrative assistant who compiles Update, said four people called her asking why the city ran the ad. Two others contacted the Deseret News with the same question.

Ireland said the monthly newsletter mailed to 30,000 utility users always contains local business news.

"One of the purposes of the Update is to carry information about the private sector," she said. Ireland said since the newsletter was started in 1987, 51 businesses have been featured in it. This is the third straight year the water park has been mentioned, she said.

Local business information was included in the newsletter from its inception because downtown was in a slump at that time, Ireland said.

This year's Seven Peaks ad announces the sale of season passes and touts its new water slide "The Lazer's Edge."