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The U.N. Security Council late Saturday adopted a resolution setting terms for ending the gulf war, including the release of all prisoners and the return of all plundered Kuwaiti property.

- President Bush and top aides said U.S. combat troops in the Persian Gulf would start heading home soon.- Dozens of Iraqi tanks opened fire on U.S. forces in the worst violation of the cease-fire. The tank unit was destroyed.

- Hundreds of mourners packed a Pennsylvania church Saturday to remember 13 members of an Army Reserve detachment killed in a Scud missile attack on their barracks in Saudi Arabia. A3

- Iraq said it had restored electricity to some provinces and would reopen schools in a week now that the gulf war, which it claims as a moral victory, has ended. A6

- A Saudi Arabian student attending the University of Utah thinks the end of the Persian Gulf war may signal a chance for people of various religions to live together peacefully in the Middle East. B3

- Many Arab-Americans displayed flags in their storefront windows, eager to share their feelings of loyalty to the United States - and avoid trouble in their adopted land. A3