Two Salt Lake women were arrested last Sunday after deputy sheriffs accused them of stealing more than $4,100 worth of clothing in one afternoon from the Cottonwood Mall.

The two women, ages 25 and 22, were arrested with the help of shoppers at the mall who chased them after a store employee yelled for help.According to a Salt Lake County sheriff's report, two women took 117 items including shirts, dresses, pairs of jeans and other clothing - valued at more than $3,000 - from the J.C. Penney store in the mall and put the stolen items in the trunk of a car.

Taken were $660 worth of clothing items from Copper Rivet, more than $150 worth of items from the Express store and $300 worth of merchandise from the Vanity store in the mall. A Vanity employee spotted two women putting clothing into a large J.C. Penney bag and chased after them, the report stated.

Two shoppers heard the employee yell for help and chased the women to their car in the parking lot. The women stopped at their car, but then continued to run. Deputies spotted the women later that afternoon and booked them into jail for investigation of retail theft. Both had warrants for their arrest charging them with other counts of retail theft.