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Hundreds of mourners, including state and local dignitaries and a representative of President Bush, packed a western Pennsylvania church Saturday to remember 13 members of an Army Reserve detatchment killed in a Scud missile attack on their barracks in Saudi Arabia.

"Today is a day of both pride and sorrow for not only our community but the entire nation," said Greensburg Mayor Dan Fajt.The 13 reservists, including two women, of the Greensburg-based 14th Quartermaster Detachment were among 28 U.S. servicemen and women killed Monday when a Scud hit their barracks in Dharan, Saudi Arabia.

The missile strike, which wounded another 37 members of the detachment, was the most deadly single incident of the war.

Greensburg, a coal country town, was festooned with flags and yellow ribbons, some intertwined with black ribbon, as more than 750 family, friends and supporters filed into the downtown First Presbyterian Church.

"Greensburg's 14th Quartermaster Detachment has been decimated, but in spite of our shock and sorrow, we are here to stand tall with them," said church pastor Rev. James Fleming.

President Bush was represented by a military aide, who read a letter from the president. "Your loved ones did not die in vain," Bush wrote. "Selfless and willing to serve in the struggle against tyranny, they helped to lead not just Kuwait but the world on to a new path of peace and freedom."