Age: 44.

Where born: Staten Island, N.Y.

Family: Wife Angela and daughters Alexandra and Olivia.

Education: City University of New York: BA and MBA.

Primary products: High quality, efficient care network of hospitals, physicians and other care providers who are committed to provide service at lower cost.

Primary markets: Utah. Number of employees: 15.

Annual sales: Just under $1 million.


First "real" job: Administrative assistant, Health Insurance Plan of Greater New York.

Management style: Participative with an emphasis on effective interpersonal communication and a strategic action plan.

Strategy for success: Balance. Knowledge. Understanding what is really important in life. The development of strong personal businesss relationships that are based on integrity and true commitment to personal and business goals without compromising one's values.

A memorable failure: I have always been able to view failures as positive, character building, learning experiences.

Heroes: Thomas Jefferson, a man with great vision who played a leadership role in establishing the values of our country.

Leisure time and hobbies: Quality time with family. Reading, hiking, photography, swimming, backpacking, music and travel.

Favorite book and movie: Centennial; Awakenings, Terms of Endearment, My Left Foot.