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The state Division of Occupational and Professional Licensing has taken action against three individuals accused of contracting without a license.

- Craig A. Carlson, Ogden, was fined $3,000 and ordered to stop contracting until he gets a license. An order issued by the division said Carlson, doing business as J.L.U. Construction Co., was unlicensed when he submitted bids and performed work on three projects. The order said Carlson's work was defective, costing two of his customers extra money to repair.- Brent Patterson, Manti, was fined $200, and he stipulated that he would refrain from acting or representing himself as a contractor until he obtains a license. Patterson was accused by the division of placing an advertisement in a local newspaper representing himself as a "licensed professional bondable contractor." Patterson also submitted a bid and started work on a porch addition but was later dismissed from the job by the homeowner, a division petition said.

- Gerald Keith Farmer, Salt Lake City, was fined $375, and he stipulated that he would refrain from contracting until he obtains a license. A petition filed against Farmer said he used the license of another contractor in filing a lien on a home where he had performed remodeling work. In settling the lien, the court found Farmer couldn't pursue it because he was not licensed, the petition said.