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Jan Krzysztof Bielecki, catapulted to prime minister three months ago with what he called a Godfather-style job offer from Lech Walesa, said Friday he worries that Poles expect economic recovery too quickly.

In an interview with The Associated Press, the prime minister said he most fears post-Communist politicians who tell the public there is an easy "third way" to prosperity between Communism and capitalism."There is exactly a good `third way' - to the Third World," scoffed the free-market enthusiast.

A 39-year-old business consultant, Bielecki was named by Walesa in December to head a transitional government that took over from Prime Minister Tadeusz Mazowiecki, the Roman Catholic intellectual defeated by Walesa for president in a fratricidal Solidarity struggle.

Walesa urged parliamentary elections in May to come up with a permanent government. But parliament - still dominated by former Communists and their onetime allies - put off the vote until fall.

That means Bielecki and his cabinet have at least six months more in office.

Once viewed as a caretaker, Bielecki is now considered crucial to Poland's future as his government rewrites the foreign investment law and negotiates issues like the pullout of Soviet troops, trade relations with the European Community and the reduction of Poland's $48.5 billion foreign debt.

The PAP news agency announced Bielecki will leave for the Soviet Union on Wednesday in his first working visit abroad as head of the government. He will discuss Soviet troop withdrawal from Poland and the transit of the Red Army from former East Germany, said Grzegorz Kostrzewa-Zorbas of the Foreign Ministry.