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* WINNERS: Motorists in Weber County who buckle up their seat belts. Starting Monday, tickets for all moving violations except speeding that occur in areas other than Ogden and Roy will carry a possible discount of either $10 or 10 per cent of the points assessed for the violation if everyone in the car is buckled up. Speeders will be eligible only for the $10 discount, not the point reduction. The new program, modeled after a similar effort in Box Elder County, can save not just money but lives.

* WINNER: Winter visitor Art Baird, who sank a hole-in-one the other day at the Roadhaven Resort golf course in Apache Junction, Ariz. Why does this feat deserve special mention? Because Baird has only one arm. And because Baird was so confident of his ability to sink the hole-in-one that he promised his wife in advance that he would do so.* WINNERS: American youngsters who get regular exercise. A new study shows they are less prone to sports injuries than their more sedentary friends.

LOSERS: American youngsters in general. The same study shows that more of them are suffering from sports injuries than previously was the case. That's because fewer of them are getting even the exercise that comes from walking to school or helping around the house - which means that their parents are losers, too.

- BEST QUOTE: The one this week from Moscow City Council member Arnold Litvinov on the 200,000 people in Moscow who protested in defiance of a Kremlin ban:

"Nothing can be more frightening than 73 years of communism."