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Music provides members here with more than a way to worship.

The sounds of On-nu-ri, the newly formed Korean LDS Choir, introduce many non-members to the Church, according to Elder Won-Yong Ko, regional representative in the Seoul Korea West Region.Since the choir was organized last year to assist with promoting missionary work, performances have been well-received by members and non-members alike, he said.

More than 1,800 people attended the first concert in a series of performances, held last Nov. 17, at the public music hall in Seoul.

Sin-Hwan Kim, a famous tenor in Korea and member of the choir's executive committee, performed a number of solos at the concert.

"A lot of members and missionaries brought friends and investigators and it was a great time to introduce the Church to them," Elder Ko said. "Korean saints have a well-known reputation about musical talent - the same as LDS in other countries."

Performances in Jeonju and Kwangju were also well-received.

"The concerts in remote areas were exceptionally successful in introducing the Church and Church programs to non-members, inviting less-active members and sharing the friendship between the people of Seoul and local members," Elder Ko continued.

The choir is composed of 80 members from the Seoul area. Brother Moo-Kwang Hong is head of the choir, and Brother Dae-Pan Chung is the conductor.

The choir's executive committee consists of two regional representatives and the president of the Seoul Temple, along with several other members in the area.

As part of fulfilling their missionary assignment, the choir plans to perform in Seoul, Pusan and Daegu during 1991.