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Jerome County officials have issued an all-points bulletin following an attempted theft in which the burglar may have been shot.

Sheriff Larry Gould issued the bulletin to check hospitals in southern Idaho and northern Utah and Nevada for anyone admitted with a .22-caliber gunshot wound.Authorities are looking for at least two suspects, but Gould stressed he is not sure whether one of the suspects was hit.

According to reports, John Harold Warren of Eden, Idaho, woke up at 3:30 a.m. Thursday to find someone with a flashlight rummaging through his Mercury Lynx.

He guessed the intruder to be a young man between 16 and 18 years old. Warren grabbed his .22-caliber handgun and saw the man walk down an alley where he was met by someone driving an older sedan.

Warren yelled at the suspect to stop and fired a warning shot in the "general direction" of the car.

The person jumped in the air, shouted and got into the car, which drove off, the sheriff's report stated. Warren told deputies he was not trying to hit the suspect when he fired the gun.

Gould said the incident might be related to four recent burglaries in the Jerome area.

A 1989 Pontiac Grand Prix was reported stolen, and the sheriff speculated the suspects might be driving that car on their way out of the area.