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The Cedar City Ranger District of the Dixie National Forest is seeking response from interested persons regarding seven projects proposed for 1991:

- The Forest Service proposes to burn 750 acres about five miles west of Panguitch between Five Mile Hollow and Panguitch Creek. The purpose of the burn is to improve habitat and maintain grazing opportunities for livestock.- The Forest Service also wants to use herbicides and manual methods to treat two acres of thistles in five different areas of Garfield and Iron counties. The purpose of the treatment is to prevent the thistles from becoming firmly established.

- The Forest Service wants to build a 2,000-gallon catch basin on Haycock Mountain to trap rain water for antelope, elk, deer and other wildlife.

- In an effort to reduce erosion on Miller Seep eight miles west of Hatch, the Forest Service wants to build log check dams across the channel. The dams would also preserve water quality.

- A three-year riparian improvement project is scheduled to begin this year with the development of Trail Spring, which will pipe water two miles to livestock troughs in the Little Creek Unit of the Red Creek Cattle Allotment. The project also calls for the burning of about 200 acres of sagebrush and the construction of 1.5 miles of barbed-wire fence.

The purpose of the development is to improve livestock grazing, reducing concentrations of livestock in restricted areas.

- Another grazing improvement project involves piping water from Deer Haven spring, about 14 miles southeast of Cedar City, to a trough about a quarter-mile away.

- The Forest Service also wants to construct "dugout" reservoirs at Cottonwood Springs and Buckskin Seeps about 12 miles northeast of Paragonah. The projects are designed to improve wildlife and livestock habitat.

Interested parties have until April 26 to comment on proposed projects. Comments or request for further information should be directed to the Cedar City Ranger, 82 N. 100 East, P.O. Box 627, Cedar City, UT 84721-0627.