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The 49th Street Galleria, a popular spot for indoor family entertainment, is for the most part designed with the handicapped in mind. The Galleria is located just north of the 5300 South exit of I-15 in Murray at 4994 South 360 West.

The facility has eight parking stalls for the handicapped, restrooms with stalls for the handicapped, and ramps that provide access to most of the attractions.A person in a wheelchair can bowl, play miniature golf or even take some batting practice.

Barbara Toomer, a Salt Lake-area resident and wheelchair user, said Galleria is very accessible.

"The parking is wonderful," Toomer said, "and there's a ramp just inside the main doors that makes getting in and out very easy.

However, the Galleria's second level, where most of the children rides are located, is unaccessible to those in wheelchairs. Patrons must climb a large flight of stairs. Also, a wall around the rink that's about 4 foot high makes it difficult for those in wheelchairs to view the skaters on the floor.